8 ways to stay safe when banking online

8 ways to stay safe online

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1. Never reply to calls or texts asking for your personal information or payment to receive a prize.

2. Always key in the website address instead of clicking on a link received via email or text.

3. Do not download anti-virus or software updates sent via email or SMS.

4. Never reveal your passwords or PIN details to strangers.

5. Never share your account, card or OTP [one-time password] details with anyone on a call, SMS, e-mail or social media.

6. Never click on any suspicious link and if clicked by mistake, do not enter your account, card or OTP details.

7. Never respond to emails or text messages that request a fee to claim offers, prizes, courier deliveries etc. These are fraudsters trying to get your personal information.

8. Only shop on reputable online sites and look out for the 3-D Secure and verified badge at the bottom.