Omani entrepreneur brings ‘Shark Tank’ concept to life

Muneeb Al Kindi has brought a concept similar to ‘Shark Tank’, a popular American television reality programme, to life in Oman.
Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: Muneeb Al Kindi, CEO of Gate 10 LLC, a multiple international award-winning marketing agency based in Oman has brought a concept similar to ‘Shark Tank’, a popular American television reality programme, to life in Oman.

‘Shark Tank’ features aspiring businessmen from around the world who pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors. If the investors are impressed with the idea, they invest in the venture in return for a share in the profits. Joining hands with Muneeb in this endeavour are three other companies in Oman.

“There were many enterprises that had started to take shape when COVID-19 hit and caused a downward spiral for a lot of them unfortunately,” says Muneeb who is also all set to launch a news syndicate soon that he says will set a unique tone to news coverage.

Positive contribution

“Even the ones that survived were close to closure, resorting to staff and salary cuts. This was not good for them nor for the country and I wanted to step in to make a positive contribution. After much brainstorming this partnership enterprise of GAV was formed. Through the combined services of Gate 10, and our other partners in this venture that include a strategy management company, a financial management company, and a legal consulting company, we guide the units that are signed in with us. We realign their trajectory back to success, without charging a penny. What we get in return is an agreed percentage of their profits,” he says. This is where the concept of ‘Shark Tank’ comes on board. More than the jangle of revenue pouring in, the changeover to healthy units is more heartening says Muneeb.

Muneeb is known in his family and also among his staff as someone who never gives up. His mantra to his nieces and nephews is to boldly start an enterprise of their own. “I tell them to trust in my new rule if they aim to reach higher success. I believe in the raw energy and skill of young Omanis and have employed a number of young Omani graduates and I am amazed at their skills and smart application,” he says.

High achievers

Muneeb also spoke of the inspiration of having people around him that are high achievers and that love to dream of bigger things.

“I think family are truly the core supporters and motivators to start your own business and I believe it’s especially important to surround yourself with the right friends or a team to back you up, like the ones I’m lucky to have.”

Muneeb himself has turned many threats that he faced during the course of his work into opportunities. A major aviation handling organization, whose work had dwindled to depths when the airline industry was affected due to COVID-19 was resurrected with Muneeb’s guidance. Today the catering division so started with this service provider has tied-up with most of the private and government organizations for their catering requirements.