World Earth Day: Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar launches environmental calendar

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On the ocassion of World Earth Day, Bollywood star and climate advocate Bhumi Pednekar along with her Climate Warrior advocacy initiative has joined hands with pre-loved thrifting store Dolce Vee (from the social enterprise platform SaltScout), and launched the Dolce Vee Environmental Footprint Calculator.

The ‘Durgamati’ star’s Climate Warrior advocacy initiative has been putting the environment at the forefront while raising awareness and helping people understand how they can lead more climate-friendly lives.

And this Earth Day, Bhumi has taken it to the next level, with a novel way for individuals to contribute to significant environmental conservation in a simple and practical way, while also seeing their tangible impact.

For the first time, when you buy a piece of pre-loved clothing, you will also be able to see the estimated water and carbon savings associated with it. And numbers are real.

For instance, the most recent pair of jeans they processed saves an estimated 1826 litres of water, which is about as much as a person drinks in a year, and an estimated 4 kg of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gases, which is roughly equivalent to driving a car for 23 km – all from buying that single pair pre-loved over newly manufactured!

The ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhaan’ star is leading by example. She will go live on her social media platform for an interactive session to give her fans a live demo of how the calculator works, and fans will be able to send in information on their clothing for a live on-the-spot assessment of the Water and Carbon statistics associated with their own pieces! What’s more, Bhumi will be wearing a pre-loved piece during the session herself.

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And in the first nationwide call to action of its kind, the ‘Bala’ star has made it easy for everyone to contribute and be ‘Climate Warriors’.

“On Earth Day, I will be giving pieces from my wardrobe a new life with you, and also launch the Dolce Vee Environmental Footprint Calculator so you can see your very real impact by choosing pre-loved,” said Bhumi.

She added, “Everyone can be a Climate Warrior with this initiative. If you have good condition clothing and accessories that you’d like to share, you can donate them for a charity sale too! Just DM on the Instagram handle @dolceveelove, and we can sort out doorstep pick up from you, wherever you are across India. What’s more, you will even be given an estimate of the water and carbon savings arising from your contribution.”