After COVID-19, businesses need to change more than their operating models

The UAE-Saudi alliance is here to stay, handshake
Even in these socially distanced times, the rules that govern an alliance between businesses hold true. Image Credit: Pixabay

After a year that has challenged our resilience in personal and business terms, we need to adapt to the changes around us, adjust to consumer behaviours, and create opportunities to realign what we deliver.

Businesses that had risen to the immense challenges did so by revising their models and refining the way they had been operating. There’s also the most crucial element – a focus on ever more understanding of  consumer sentiments to deliver an exemplary experience. Ultimately, business success can be achieved by focusing decision-making through the lens of the consumer. 

Convenience is now a key value in the decision-making process, ranging from how the service is accessed right through to what a product or service enables in the lives of the consumer. In the digital age, it is more important as we look towards technology advancing this agenda, especially as peoples’ lives increasingly feel busier with greater demands on their time.

A matter of convenience

The pandemic has only further fuelled this need for convenience, which is borne out in the latest UAE consumer sentiment survey by McKinsey, which found 69 per cent rated value and convenience being significant drivers for purchasing decisions. Or drove decisions to switch to an alternative source. This also reflects in the boom we have witnessed in ecommerce, which has accelerated faster than ever before.

Businesses can use this to guide their approach to never standing still, and instead always harnessing our mindset to innovate in what needs to be delivered. By using this innovative thinking, we open our minds to explore partnerships that can create synergies. 

When there is the right partnership synergy in place, it can drive a clear path to deliver better – and mutually beneficial – outcomes. Companies that think ahead by investing into partnerships gain a clear competitive advantage. Our partnership with Ford does just that – it will help reinvent the refuelling experience by enabling Ford and Lincoln customers to directly order CAFU’s fuel delivery services from their vehicle’s infotainment systems.

Two years ago, we revolutionized the petrol industry in the Middle East by being the first on-demand fuel delivery service in the region. In the end, companies that have a deep understanding of their customers – and challenge themselves to always enhance experience – will be well positioned to achieve success.

Rashid Al Ghurair

The writer CEO of CAFU, the on-demand car service.