Salman Khan’s ‘Radhe’ creates record, crosses 4.2m views on day one even as ratings plummet

Salman Khan
Salman Khan Image Credit: Instagram/SalmanKhan

Salman Khan’s ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ may have drawn polarized reviews from fans and critics, but the movie has set a streaming record for the Bollywood entertainer.

According to Khan and producers Zee, the film has crossed 4.2 million views on day one. While details of the viewership record have yet to be revealed, the movie has released in more than 40 countries, along with a theatrical release for certain markets that includes the UAE, while streaming on Zee5’s pay-per-view service ZeePlex in India.

Khan himself took to his social media to celebrate the ‘record’, while wishing his fans on Eid Al Fitr. “Wishing ev1 a v Happy Eid. Thank u all for the wonderful return gift by making Radhe the most watched film on day 1. The film industry would not survive without your love n support. Thank u [sic],” posted Khan on Instagram.

‘Radhe’ also stars Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda and Jackie Shroff in Bollywood potboiler that sees Khan play a cop who is looking to destroy a drug nexus. Directed by actor-choreographer Prabhu Deva, the movie has opened to mixed reviews, with many taking to social media to slam the project.

Movie database site IMDB has recorded a 2.1 rating for ‘Radhe’, with one of the top user reviews on the site stating: “…Hard to believe why would someone make such a nonsensical piece of crap…10 mins of the movie and you will already start feeling a bit of pain in your head.”

Twitter was also filled with user reviews and memes, with user Nikhil posting: “Watched #Radhe on TV. Thanked god that Cinemas are closed. Money saved is money earned.”

Jay Gor posted: “Urgently Required: Paracetamol. Mistakenly watched #Radhe”

Haider Ali Khan posted: “#SalmanKhan who runs #BeingHuman to help people could have been more helpful and more humane by not releasing #Radhe, the Un-wanted man.”

Shibham Das added: “I have successfully wasted my 2 hours of my life. The only positive thing is #Radhe is ‘Nothing’.”

In their defense, not all reviews are this brutal, with several fans of Khan lauding his action and Hooda’s acting chops, who plays a villain in the film.