Emirates airline and Huawei to work on joint branding initiatives

Emirates airline through the years: from flagship airline to pandemic champion
Emirates airline intends to leverage the Huawei tie up to win more visibility in China. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Emirates airline has entered an agreement with Huawei to launch ‘customer-centric’ initiatives, including enhanced experiences for Huawei smartphone users while booking tickets and making travel plans on the Emirates app.

The two will also carry out joint promotions designed to build brand awareness for Emirates and Huawei in the other’s home markets. Emirates said in a statement: “The integration into Huawei’s ecosystem will allow the airline to tap into a wider target audience and Huawei phone users.”

The Chinese marketplace is “one of the key strategic markets for Emirates worldwide,” said the airline. The MoU signed also involves further development of the Emirates app on the AppGallery. To date, the app has had more than 1 million installs from AppGallery. The AppGallery is also attracting an increasing numbers of developers with 2.3 million registered, a 77 per cent increase from last year.