Abu Dhabi ADNOC’s 100 kiloton/y ‘blue’ ammonia plant at Ruwais in design mode

Adnoc’s Ruwais Industrial Complex
The Ruwais Industrial Complex… Ruwais will also be the base for ADNOC’s clean energy push, with the blue ammonia plant to be based in the Ta’ziz cluster. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: The UAE energy major ADNOC will build a big-scale ‘blue’ ammonia plant in Ruwais, further extending its interests in developing a hydrogen-based infrastructure. The ammonia facility, which has moved to the design phase, will be at the new Ta’zizz industrial and chemicals hub in Ruwais.

Ammonia can be used as a low-carbon fuel across a wide range of industrial applications, including transportation, power generation and industries including steel, cement and fertilizer production. The facility’s capacity will be 1,000 kilotons per annum.

Blue ammonia is made from nitrogen and “blue” hydrogen derived from natural gas feedstock, with the carbon dioxide by-product from hydrogen production captured and stored. In recent months, ADNOC has signed a number of agreements to explore hydrogen supply opportunities with customers.

Spotlight on Ta’ziz industrial and chemicals hub

The development signals the Ta’ziz hub is “moving ahead at speed”, said Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and ADNOC’s Managing Director and Group CEO. “With Ta’ziz as a key catalyst, we are well placed to further strengthen our position as a leading destination for local and international investment, leveraging technology to further grow the UAE’s advanced manufacturing and industrial base’.’

This builds on the mandate given to ADNOC from the Supreme Petroleum Council in November 2020, to explore opportunities in hydrogen and hydrogen carrier fuels such as blue ammonia, with the ambition to position the UAE as a hydrogen leader. ADNOC is already a major producer of hydrogen and ammonia, with over 300,000 tons of hydrogen produced per annum at the Ruwais Industrial Complex.

“As we collectively navigate the global energy transition, we believe hydrogen, and its carrier fuels such as ammonia, offer promise and potential as zero carbon energy sources,” said Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, ADNOC Managing Director and CEO.