Egypt: Man attempts to slit wife’s throat because she cheated on him in dream

knife attack
Threatening silhouette of man wielding a knife behind frosted glass window Image Credit: Agency

Abu Dhabi: A man tried to kill his wife in front of her children in the Shubra El Kheima area of Qalyubia governorate, north of Egyptian capital Cairo.

Residents of Qalyubia circulated a recent video clip showing the husband, who reportedly suffers from mental disorders, being arrested.

In the video, several people were seen escorting the accused, 37-year-old Mohammad S., to Shubra El Khaimah Police, after he tried to escape after committing the crime. He was in a state of collapse and his clothes were stained with blood, holding a copy of the Quran in his hand.

An eyewitness, Mustafa Essam, a university student from Qalyubia, revealed the details of what happened.

Essam said when the accused woke up, he went to his wife Amal and told her: “I knew everything … before he tried to kill her by slaughtering her by the neck with a knife,” according to Sky News Arabia.

The witness said Amal, a housewife, was known for her good reputation, pointing out that her husband used to argue with her regularly.

A security source said during the investigations the accused made strange statements, including: “While I slept .. I dreamed that my wife was cheating on me, so I decided to get rid of her.”

The source noted the wife was still alive in the intensive care room in a hospital in the governorate.

Authorities in Qalyubia said Amal J., 27, was rushed to hospital, drenched in her blood with a wound in the neck, and she was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit in an attempt to save her.

The security services moved to the crime scene, and priliminary investigations showed that the victim’s husband was the perpetrator and he was arrested. The Public Prosecution opened investigations into the incident.