Pakistan star Nausheen Shah’s rant about single women draws backlash, asked to ‘leave country’

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Pakistan star Nausheen Shah’s tirade on single women being picked on in society hasn’t gone down well with the masses on account of her poor choice of words.

The ‘Pani Jaisa Piyar’ actress recently took to her Instagram Story to lament against society’s constant need to get single women married in Pakistan. However, her expletive-laden post has resulted in the actress herself bearing the brunt of trolls, with some asking her to leave the country if she’s so unhappy.

“This happens only in this [expletive] country if you are not married your mother will remind you everyday. Shaadi kerlo shaadi kerlo. Nahi kerne shaadi bhai maaf kerdo, jaan chordo [Get married, get married. I don’t want to get married, leave me alone],” Shah posted in her Story.

And even though the Story is now out of her feed, the reality of her post is still causing rage.

Pakistani designer Umar Sayeed was one of the few who took objection to the post, writing in Urdu: “Yeah when you’re unable to get married despite all the efforts, this is what you end up saying to save your reputation.”

Actor Aadi Adeal Amjad objected to her choice of words, telling Shah that if she was so unhappy then maybe she should leave the country.

However, the post has also drawn support from the public. Geo News anchor Aleena Farooq applauded Shah for speaking the truth, adding: “And if you are married and childless everyone would rub it in your face every single day.”

A Twitter user also chimed in to add: “Nausheen Shah is absolutely right it only happens here people will remind you every day that you should get married ASAP they’ll make you feel like it’s a failure as all your age fellows are married.. it never bothered me but only when they hurt my mother with this bakwas [rubbish].”