Sheikh Nahayan launches second board meeting of the Global Commission for Tolerance in E-sports and Gaming

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan hosts the second board meeting of the Global Commission for Tolerance in E-sports and Gaming
His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan hosts the second board meeting of the Global Commission for Tolerance in E-sports and Gaming Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The second board meeting of the Global Commission for Tolerance in E-sports and Gaming chaired by Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mabarak Al Nahyan, Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, was launched on Tuesday in the presence of all board members of the Commission. Dr Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President, Nicole Pike, YouGov Global Sector Head of e-sports and Gaming, Curtis Kohlhaas, Chief Development Officer, President Carter Center, Kenneth Fok, President Asian e-sports Federation, Dr Heidi Alaudeen Al Askari, CEO Special Olympics Saudi Arabia, Dr Wirdati Mohammed Radzi, Board Member Malaysian e-sports Federation, and Tom Watson, Former UK Cabinet Minister and First Minister of Digital Engagement, all were in attendance.

The meeting focused on discussing the relevant future plans of the Commission in relation to its mission and strategic vision, towards establishing a sustainable set of tolerance codes and policies that can be effectively introduced and implemented at all levels in e-sports and gaming globally. The meeting focused on several topics which included establishing key policies and codes of conduct for tolerance in e-sports, effectively using analytics and measures to build open mindsets in gaming, capitalising on the possibilities of technology, innovation and sustainability taking gaming to a new level enriched with codes that promote a culture of tolerance, the importance of cultivating global partnerships to further the debate around tolerance in e-sports and gaming, and developing an all-inclusive platform which ensures diversity and equality in gaming.

In his capacity as Chairman, Sheikh Nahayan stressed that the mission that lies ahead can only be achieved when an enhanced culture of tolerance and inclusion is introduced in gaming for the benefit of the global youth.

“Tolerance, civility, innovation, imagination, and teamwork are the cornerstones of success in the e-sports and Gaming world,” he said. “These values are extremely relevant to global efforts to deal with current world challenges. I look forward in this meeting to resolving all issues surrounding the formation and the effective operation of the task forces that will further enhance the role of these values in e-sports. We must continue to highlight the role of these task forces in dealing with issues of toxicity, racism, bullying, and stereotypical attitudes and behaviour. e-sports must always be a true engine of promoting tolerance and harmony in our world. The rapid evolution of technology makes it crucial for us to deliberately shape how we interact online, to promote tolerance and coexistence, to help our youth to learn skills that will allow them to cooperate, to function more effectively in meeting the challenges their generation will face. The Commission will work diligently to see this happens.”

Sheikh Nahayan stated that today the internet has become an integral component of our lives in which the world is hugely dependent on. Industries and sectors rely on functional technology platforms to be able to operate and deliver services all across the globe. With over two billion active daily users globally in e-sports and gaming, this platform represents one of the most vibrant and heavily used cyber spaces in the world. The strategic mission of the Commission becomes pertinent in gauging interest in its work from all stakeholders in the gaming industry.

“The UAE will host the Dubai EXPO 2020, for six months starting in October of this year, after having been postponed from last year due to COVID-19. More than 192 nations and international organisations are committed to participate in the EXPO. They will have an important platform to attract and inspire the anticipated millions of visitors from around the world. The Dubai EXPO will bring people from all backgrounds and all corners of the earth together for unique shared experiences that will help them to know one another, to talk to one another, and to live with one another in peace and harmony. This presents an important opportunity for e-sports and I look forward to our commission’s thoughts and ideas on how to leverage the activities of the EXPO for the benefit of e-sports and gaming.”

Dr Heidi Al Askari praised the UAE, which stands behind the formation of the Commission and providing an environment where thoughts and ideas are centred on the introduction of a culture of tolerance in e-sports. She also hailed the great efforts made in this field by Sheikh Nahayan.