Today’s Word Search: Lava domes to glacier caves… Can you spot them?

A volcano crater emits an eerie glow from the lava within Image Credit: Stock photo/Pixabay

Wherever you are, in a bustling city or a quiet countryside, look at the world around you. What do you see?

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The Earth is full of myriad landscapes and in today’s puzzle, challenge yourself by finding them all.

Did you know geographers borrowed the term ‘landscape’ from artists? Some actually define geography as landscape science. The word comes from the Dutch ‘landschap’, the name given to paintings of the countryside – apt, if you ask me.

But it’s not all flowers and rolling hills in today’s puzzle. Apart from words like ‘seashore’ and ‘desert’, the Word Search brings up interesting geological features that can be found in some parts of the world.

A lava dome, for instance, is exactly what it sounds like – a dome of molten rock. It forms when the lava reaching the Earth’s surface is so viscous that it cannot flow away. Gas pressure build-up in the dome can destabilize the entire structure and cause a deadly eruption. Mount St. Helens in Washington, US, for instance, is a lava dome that erupted 40 years ago in the country’s deadliest eruption, flattening 350 square kilometres of forest and killing 57 people.

The good news is that since the lava build-up is so slow, and with recent advances in technology, the progress of such lava domes can now be monitored and residents in nearby areas alerted and evacuated.

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