Today’s Word Search: This is the room that makes your house a home

The kitchen is transforming into a multifunctional room where people can work, eat and be creative Image Credit: Stock photo/Pixabay

There’s a reason why the kitchen is considered the heart of the home.

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This humble room in the house is the place where meals are made, where lovingly crafted flavours and aromas originate. It’s where people come together to eat, drink, and share a laugh or a conversation – where food fuels the bodies and minds of families and friends.

While the kitchen has long been a beloved part of the home, over the past year, its role has been undergoing a transformation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With more people spending more time at home, especially during lockdowns, the kitchen has become a busier place. Home cooks are willing to try more time-consuming bakes. Pictures of food trends on social media have also inspired people to try making things they wouldn’t usually bake or cook.

Now, the kitchen is being considered as a multi-purpose room and the centre of the home, according to Veranda, an American interior design and décor magazine. People who live in homes with open floor plans are using the kitchen as a place to cook, eat, work, home school and play. So, designers expect kitchen islands to become bigger to accommodate all these activities, and for cabinetry to be painted in brighter, colourful hues to create a warm, welcoming space.

In North America, US-based National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) predicts L-shaped kitchens that have large layouts will trend, and wherever possible, people will renovate to allow their kitchens to open up to an outdoor space. The idea is to integrate an outdoor dining and gardening space as part of the indoor hub – the kitchen.

The concept of kitchen gardens works very well in such homes, where residents can feel they are living and eating more sustainably. Learn how to grow your own kitchen garden, whether you live in a large villa or a small apartment.

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