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Your Money
The Your Money section was launched on June 7, 2020 Image Credit: Gulf News

The pandemic had reared its ugly head early last year and we could see the struggles that many of our readers were undergoing, especially when it came to budgeting and additional income sources. It was a tough time. And, getting that kind of detailed personal finance information would not be easy for the average person, either in terms of access or cost.

We decided to step up and launch a section only looking into personal finance, especially as we had the expertise in-house in our Business Markets Reporter Justin Varghese.

For the past year, he has made it his business to write and publish personal finance content that is based on the main idea of how reading it would help a reader – how can a person take away the best money lesson possible. Your Money has helped countless build a stronger wealth future and he tells us why many more should follow suit.

What is the Your Money section about?

Your Money is a section of Gulf News solely focused on producing content that relates to day-to-day financial needs of residents in the UAE. We are rapidly progressing to be a one-stop platform that addresses all queries relating to people’s savings, investments, budgeted living and the taxes or fees they pay – with the added benefit of reading seasoned columns from experts in relevant fields and take away money-related practical tips from members of our own communities.

What makes Your Money stand out?

We are a section about more than just personal finance. We at Your Money have successfully been able to produce in-depth, niche articles, that does not merely skim the surface, but goes into the depths of any topic concerning your hard-earned money. While we look at a multitude of subjects that’s already been explored, we take it one step further to simplify it further for our audience, to a rudimentary level. In other words, we explore these themes in such detail, that if anyone who has absolutely no knowledge of the matter beforehand, it’s offered in a way even they would be able to understand them. Simply put, every copy that is produced is ensured to independently make sense.

Who is Your Money’s readership?

From our analysis, those who have and stand to benefit from Your Money comprises of a broad spectrum of readership. We have had readers who are looking to invest or just starting out in the field, college graduates who have been looking for more hands-on, practical knowledge, employed individuals looking for ways to spend their money wisely, people who have been struck financially during the current pandemic, or just those looking for new and innovative tips from experts and residents on how to save and build their wealth quickly.

What value does Your Money give its readers?

At Your Money, we especially take care not to publish any content that is remotely generic, or based on information that is readily available elsewhere. To put it simply, we always see to it that we take it a step further and put together articles that are not only painstakingly researched, but presented in an uncluttered, de-jargonised way. So when a reader visits the section, there is content that is both exhaustive and comprehensive, so the reader would not have to go elsewhere to understand what is being explained or analysed.

Justin Varghese - Your Money Editor
Justin Varghese, editor of Your Money. The section was launched on June 7, 2020 Image Credit: Anas Thacharpaddikal/Gulf News

When a reader visits the section, there is content that is both exhaustive and comprehensive, so the reader would not have to go elsewhere to understand what is being explained or analysed.

– Justin Varghese, Your Money Editor

What was the reasoning behind launching Your Money?

We launched Your Money at an extremely crucial point in time last year. Almost a year back, in June 2020, it was when the pandemic reared its ugly head and salaries were getting cut, people were losing jobs and desperately looking for alternate means to earn. We rightly felt that it was the most appropriate time to launch as people were concerned about their money then, they questioned how they would be able to survive on a tight budget, and were in urgent need of reliable venues to safely invest. So by providing content that catered to their immediate needs, we had a successful launch and were able to build a loyal readership that still continues.

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