Today’s Word Search: These places are ready for vaccinated travellers

On June 9, France began allowing restriction-free travel from 26 EU member states and a number of countries. Image Credit: Stock photo/Pixabay

As coronavirus vaccinations and booster shots become more common around the world, society, like a sleeping giant slowly shaking off the inertia of home-bound existence, is finally ready to ask the question: Where shall I go on vacation?

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According to the Travel Sentiment and Safety Survey by Global Rescue, a US-based medical evacuation and crisis response services organisation, in April 2021, 78 per cent of survey respondents said they were “much less” concerned about travel safety this year. Travellers are also twice as likely to plan international trips this year than they did in September 2020.

So, now that people are ready to get on a plane, where would they want to go?

In the West, Mexico is expected to be on top of the list for post-pandemic travel, according to Travel Market Report, a US-based travel advisory website. The country has been providing safe options for customers and embracing all COVID-19 protocols, including on-site complimentary testing at resorts and flexible reservations.

Europe is also expected to see an influx of travellers. The European Union (EU) announced earlier this year that they will start opening up their borders to fully vaccinated tourists in the summer. On June 9, France began allowing restriction-free travel from 26 EU member states and a number of countries, such as Lebanon, Japan, and Singapore. Many other EU countries are expected to make announcements soon.

Another contender for travel is a country that has already received a Safe Travel stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC): Peru. It was one of the earliest destinations to get the stamp, according to a Forbes report, and just the third South American country to get certified. Historic sites like Machu Picchu are opening at a limited capacity of 40 per cent, so that means travellers can enjoy fewer crowds and shorter queues, wherever they go.

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