Bollywood actor-politician Ravi Kishan seeks ban on ‘vulgar’ content in Bhojpuri films

Actor Ravi Kishan Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood actor and Gorakhpur BJP Member of Parliament Ravi Kishan has written letters to union ministers and the chief ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, demanding a ban on vulgar content in Bhojpuri films and songs.

He has demanded a strict law to ensure that such content in films and songs be discontinued.

In his letters, Kishan has pointed out that the Bhojpuri-speaking population in the country is around 250 million.

“These people deserve a better deal and vulgarity that is being dished out by Bhojpuri cinema and in its songs, must be stopped,” he said.

He said that the Bhojpuri films and songs already released, must also be brought under the purview of the proposed law.

Kishan has been associated with Bhojpuri cinema for almost three decades now and has played a crucial role in popularising this regional cinema.

“I feel time has come for us to cut out vulgarity and ensure that Bhojpuri cinema is recognised for its quality and content. Today Bhojpuri cinema has become synonymous with vulgarity,” he said.

He pointed out that the vulgarity in Bhojpuri films and songs was having an adverse impact on the minds of the young generations.

Kishan has also initiated a private member bill to include Bhojpuri language in the eighth schedule.