Sharjah Municipality deploys 58 lifeguards on Sharjah beaches

Warning signs and safety instructions have been made available in multiple languages in all the beaches of Sharjah. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Sharjah: As many as 58 lifeguards have been deployed on the beaches of Sharjah to ensure safety of beachgoers. Sharjah Municipality has hired the services of a specialised lifeguard company to monitor those who go swimming in the sea and to ensure the safety of community members who visit the beaches of the emirate. The movement is part of the municipality’s keenness to raise safety standards on Sharjah city’s beaches.

Khalid bin Falah Al-Suwaidi, Assistant Director-General for Customer Service, Sharjah Municipality, said that Sharjah city’s beaches witness high turnout, especially during the summer. “We are always keen on monitoring [the beaches] and raising awareness among beachgoers, as part of an annual plan,” he added.

Sharjah Municipality has increased the number of lifeguards on the city’s beaches to 58.

Inspection teams educate the public about the need to swim only in the designated areas and at permissible times. Warning signs and safety instructions have been made available in multiple languages at all the beaches of the emirate.

He explained that the municipality was preparing an annual plan that would include awareness campaigns, follow-up measures, provision for lifeguards according to the needs of beachgoers. Official holidays and events have been taken into account while increasing the number of lifeguards.

Al Suwaidi stated that lifeguards will be present during the times when swimming is permitted and warnings and safety advisories issued by the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology will be implemented in order to maintain the safety and security standards for beachgoers. He pointed out that the municipality had not recorded any case of drowning in the areas designated for swimming since the beginning of this year.

He pointed out that the municipality had provided more than 17 rescue platforms on the beaches according to the best practices and work is currently underway to install eight more platforms. It has also provided lifeguards with all the tools and equipment necessary to carry out their work and to respond to emergencies that may occur on the beaches.