COVID-19: Abu Dhabi suspends Green Pass system following Alhosn app outage

Stock Green pass Abu Dhabi
The Green Pass in Abu Dhabi was issued on the Alhosn app to access designated areas in the emirate. Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi has temporarily suspended the use of green pass on Alhosn app to enter all announced areas in the emirate. This decision follows the app being down across the country for many users on Thursday.

“The green pass will be reinstated after completing the app update and ensuring the continuity of the app service for all users,” the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office announced on Friday.

As a result of the emirate announcing a green pass system, whereby a green label on the Alhosn was mandatory to enter designated areas in Abu Dhabi, there was a surge in the app’s subscriptions of late.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has announced it has reviewed the causes behind the technical issues faced by some Alhosn app users, resulting from the surge in new subscriptions, and has overseen the efforts by the app’s team to restore the service to all users as quickly as possible.

Entering Abu Dhabi

As for the use of Alhosn app to enter the emirate, the committee approved the use of text messages to show test results per current procedures, for those facing technical issues with Alhosn or entering the emirate. This comes into effect from Friday and continues until the app is updated, the Media Office said.

The committee appealed to the public to continue to adhere to preventive and precautionary measures, stressing that their safety is a top priority. It also expressed its appreciation to all members of society for their confidence and cooperation with all concerned authorities.