Bollywood actor Sonu Sood shoots down rumours of gifting swanky car to his son

Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood Image Credit: Facebook

Indian actor Sonu Sood, who’s known for his extensive humanitarian work during COVID-19 outbreak in India, dismissed reports that he had purchased a swanky car worth more than Rs30 million for his son on Father’s Day.

“There is no truth to this. I haven’t bought a car for my son. The car was brought to our home for a trial. We went on a test run. But that’s it. We didn’t buy the car,” said Sood in an interview with the entertainment portal SpotboyE.

He also pointed out that why would he buy a car like Mercedes-Mayback for his son on a day meant to celebrate fathers.

“Shouldn’t he be giving me something? After all, it’s my day! … Jokes aside, the best Father’s Day gift my two sons can give me is to spend the day with me. I hardly have any time for them. Now that they’re growing up, they have their own life. So spending the day together is a luxury that I think I’ve earned myself,” said Sood.

The ‘Happy New Year’ star has been at the forefront of helping out Indian migrants and COVID-19 patients by providing them with essentials and medical supplies. From carting thousands of jobless migrant workers from Indian cities to their villages, to providing medical supplies to those who sought his help on social media, Sood has been on a roll.

He has been hailed as the COVID-19 hero for the masses.

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Sonu Sood’s humanitarian work is recognised