Book COVID-19 vaccine, apply for premarital health certificate on the DubaiNow app

Virtual doctor at Arab health
Arab Health 2021 in Dubai. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: Smart Dubai has introduced two additional services from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on its flagship DubaiNow application. These new services are Premarital Certificates and Generating a Medical Record Number (MRN).

DubaiNow is Smart Dubai’s comprehensive go-to app for all smart city services, providing users with access to more than 130 government and private sector services from more than 30 entities.

“Seamless, fast and paper-free services are a major part of our mission at Smart Dubai, where we strive to build a sophisticated and world-leading smart city of the future that ensures its people’s happiness and wellbeing above all else,” said Wesam Lootah, CEO of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment. “With that in mind, we launched our DubaiNow application to offer citizens and residents a one-stop shop for all government interactions, transactions and procedures — all available at their fingertips,” he added

Lootah said: “Smart Dubai is committed to collaborating with government entities across every sector, as directed by our wise leadership. We are delighted to be working with Dubai Health Authority yet again, to add two new DHA services to the DubaiNow application, thereby further facilitating access to health services for citizens and residents in the emirate.”

Ahmed Al Nuaimi, CEO of Joint Corporate Support Services at DHA emphasised that DHA was keen to foster the use of smart technology, processes and procedures across all aspects of the health-care sector to further improve efficiencies, enhance hospital management and enhance patient care and convenience. He said the implementation of smart technology has helped increase the percentage of customer satisfaction.

Al Nuaimi highlighted that the DHA laid emphasis on creative and innovative ideas to help simplify procedures and enhance health service delivery across its facilities. He said that the DHA is keen to enhance smart transformation and foster the use of smart technologies and solutions in line with the Emirate’s and Smart Dubai’s vision of moving towards a paperless system.

Premarital certificate digitised

For the Premarital service, Smart Dubai has collaborated with DHA, along with Dubai Courts and City Makers — a subsidiary of the General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Dubai that aims to design customer journeys and implement innovative design ideas in government services.

The service allows citizens of Dubai who are planning to get married in the emirate to apply for their premarital health certificate on DubaiNow, saving them time and effort with an advanced, smooth and hassle-free experience. Users simply need to fill the form for a premarital certificate and pay the associated fees through the app in minutes.

The certificate will be ready to view and download right from the application in a matter of days, along with all information and required documents related to marriage procedures, allowing users to head to Dubai Courts prepared. A digital marriage certificate will also be available on the app to be kept as a digital record.

Mohammed Ahmad Al Obaidli, Executive Director of the Case Management Sector at Dubai Courts, said: “This collaboration forms part of our efforts at Dubai Courts to fulfil the leadership’s directives and establish a smart platform to connect government entities and allow them to provide integrated services, in line with Dubai’s ambitious vision for digital transformation. The objective is to enhance our partnership and collaborate to streamline premarital tests and issue digital marriage certificates.”

Obaidli added: “We are both committed to making Dubai the world’s smartest city, offering integrated government services to customers. Dubai Courts is keen to always offer top-quality digital and smart services to our partners and customers.”

Book COVID-19 vaccine with Medical Record Number

The DHA’s Medical Record Number (MRN) service was launched by Smart Dubai and DHA to assist users who are planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine with the Authority. Users need an MRN to be able to book an appointment for the vaccine with the DHA, and the new service allows them to generate it right from the DubaiNow application.

The city services on DubaiNow can be classified into 12 different categories, including health care, where Smart Dubai previously collaborated with DHA to launch the DHA Visiting Doctors Directory, as well as Patient Services — a feature that allows users to view and manage past and upcoming appointments for themselves and their families, as well as to view lab results and current prescribed medication.

DubaiNow’s contactless city services application has helped reduce the number of times individuals need to visit customer service centres annually from 23 to nine times, saving every person 28 hours. By the end of 2020, the application had processed 13.7 million transactions, valued at more than Dh 7.1 billion.