What’s new at Arab Health in Dubai?

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Visitors at Arab Health 2021, taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Canon Middle East, unveiled first of its kind Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computer Aided Tomography (CAT) and Ultrasound scanning systems at its pavilion at Arab Health 2021. These systems will reduce processing time by half.

Speaking to Gulf News, on the sidelines of Arab Health, Charbel Makhoul, the HIT manager for Russia, Turkey and MENA region for Canon, elaborated: “the AI-powered Orion Series MRI machine, processes high resolution images for the full body scan, in under 10 minutes that is half the time taken by conventional MRIs.”

Automated imaging platform

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Instant readings from the The Aquilion ONE CT system on display at the Canon stall at Arab Health. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

The CT Aquilon Scanner, is able to remove all artefacts (metal images of pacemakers and other metals implanted in the patient while providing high resolution 3D images which can be automatically transferred to the Automated platform where images can be transferred to a doctor’s work m station in minutes.

Saving stroke patients

Noteworthy on this platform is the Neuro One Stroke protocol that allows a clot or haemorrhage to be detected within 20 seconds which is very crucial to saving lives and reversing stroke damage said Makhoul.

New Age ultrasound system

The ultrasound scanner to has cutting edge automatic pixel resolving technology. All these imaging systems will revolutionise diagnostic systems in health care, added Makhoul.

Non-invasive Lung fluid detection in 45 seconds

The Israeli Pavilion at Arab Health. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

At the Israeli Pavilion at Arab Health, a small radio frequency powered gadget that was used to heart failure was making waves as it is currently in demand to detect lung damage in COVID -19 patients.

Guy Frak

Guy Frak, VP international sales at Sensible Medical, explained, “This gadget is non invasive and very helpful in scanning the lungs for fluid assessments using a patented technology called REDS. Currently, hospitals in Italy, Brazil, US, Russia, Turkey and India are using it to pick up early lung damage in COVID-19 patients within a matter of 45 seconds.”

Washable, breathable, next generation casts for your fractured limbs

One of the worst ordeals when nursing a fracture has always been lack of ventilation and piling dirt and sweat in a cast that triggered uncontrolled itching.

Not anymore. FLexiOH, a next- generation orthopaedic immobiliser, on display, at Arab Health, not only possesses the rigidity to hold the fractured part but also ensures proper skin ventilation.

Made from a biocompatible foam, the cast turns into a hardened polymer that allows your fractured limb to be safely ensconced even while it’s hollowed spaces allow ventilation of the fractured limb. It is the world’s first washable cast and also does not interfere with imaging the limb.