Bollywood bites: Kangana Ranaut’s sister takes a dig at Taapsee Pannu’s holiday pictures

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Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu, Rangoli Chandel Image Credit: IANS

‘Tis another day, another barb issued from the Ranaut camp, which appears to be waging its singular war against Bollywood powerbrokers, celebrities who don’t play dress up to their standards, or simply finding fault in the greater system at large.

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Kangana Ranaut (right) with sister Rangoli Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister has now taken objection to Taapsee Pannu, who is currently holidaying in Russia with her sister. According to Rangoli Chandel, Pannu is copying her famous sister by wearing trendy saris on holiday, which have somehow, become Ranaut’s style statement.

Screengrab of posts put up by Rangoli Chandel on Instagram
Screengrab of posts put up by Rangoli Chandel on Instagram Image Credit:

Chandel called Pannu a ‘sasti copy (cheap copy)’ of Ranaut once again, for styling a sari with sunglasses and sneakers. Chandel took to her Instagram Stories to call her sister a ‘great style icon’, while referring to the award-winning Pannu as a ‘creepy fan’ who copies her sibling’s looks.

However, having a change of heart a few minutes later, Chandel took down the story and posted a modified version that appeared to be a little ‘kinder’ to Pannu, while posting a collage of Ranaut’s looks in saris, while adding: “Her only aim is to inspire women to wear saris and revive our own handloom industry.”

Chandel then went on to share a screenshot of Pannu’s vacation photo from St Petersburg, where she is seen wearing a sari and sunglasses, while adding the message: “What is not cool to be a creepy fan who obsessively not just copies every interview and looks style but whole work model but on a small scale and goes on to make unkind and mean remarks about the legend, again today when I see this I wonder copy look ok fine but to claim to be the one who made sari cool hmmm you aren’t getting away with this honey @taapsee.”

Pannu has yet to respond to the latest jibe, but in the past the ‘Thappad’ actress has taken the ‘cheap copy’ remark on the chin with a claim of her own saying that considering she isn’t the highest paid actress in Bollywood, by those standards, she can be called cheap.

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Still from Haseen Dilruba Image Credit: Netflix

Chandel, who also happens to be Ranaut’s manager, has been battling it out with Pannu on social media for years. Ranaut chimes in once in a while, but usually leaves the heavy weightlifting to her sister.

Pannu, meanwhile, is also busy with the promotions of her upcoming Netflix thriller, ‘Haseen Dilruba’, which drops on July 2.