Online health inspection introduced by Dubai Health Authority

Dubai Health Authority
While in-person inspections will continue, Dubai Health Authority will adopt the digital method for areas where online inspections are possible. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Utilising the digital and remote-working potential of the health-care sector, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has introduced online inspection for its health-care facilities. The new system adopts digital technology and will help streamline the inspection system with speed, efficiency and transparency.

While in-person inspections will continue, the sector will adopt the digital method for areas where online inspections are possible. Disclosing this, Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of Health Regulation Sector at DHA, said: “We adapted to changes during the pandemic and we saw an opportunity to enhance online inspections where possible. For example, for checking new services that are introduced in health-care facilities etc. The inspections will ensure faster turnaround time, more efficiency and will save costs as well. We have always focused on using health-care technologies to improve efficiencies, speed up processes and provide our stakeholders with added convenience.”

Over 7,700 inspections carried out in 2020

In February 2021, DHA’s Health Regulation Sector introduced the online inspection system in a pilot project and in March, they began implementing online inspections. Dr Al Mulla said: “So far, online inspections have been undertaken across 63 health-care facilities. Normally, this would take 84 hours of fieldwork, but now, the same task is completed within 21 hours — thus saving 63 hours of manpower. Moreover, it also helped maintain zero physical contact, which adds to the safety measures during COVID-19.”

Dr Al Mulla added that in 2020, DHA had carried out more than 7,700 inspections across medical facilities in the emirate. The DHA’s Health Regulation Sector carries out inspections across hospitals, outpatient clinics, diagnostic centres and pharmacies in Dubai.