UAE: Get a taste of the world with these 9 Dubai cooking classes

Cooking classes
From complete beginners to almost-masterchefs, these sessions will help those of all skill levels to whip up plenty of delicious crowdpleasers. Picture used for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Shutterstock

Let’s face it, the only major travelling we’re going to get to do in the near future is through our plates and palates. For insights into different cultures, we’re now looking to cuisine. So we’ve scoured for cooking classes in Dubai that help you do just that – from Italian to Japanese, Mexican to French. You could be a complete beginner, or you could be an almost-masterchef – whatever the case, these classes will help you whip up plenty of crowdpleasers for that next family gathering, or just a variety of comfort foods for your next cosy Netflix night in. Dig right in.

1. Culinary boutique

From a breakfast and bread-baking class to even a class with couples cooking together (think a menu of Cherry Tomato & Burrata, Seabass and Chocolate Lava), Culinary Boutique at Jumeirah offers up a class for all tastes. Cuisines vary from Thai (Tom Yum soup, Green Thai curry) to Mexican (quesadillas, guacamole) and Italian (lasagne, tiramisu), so you can learn a new cuisine every month! There’s also one for plant-based lifestyles, with a vegan menu of Glazed Pistachio Scones, Chocolate & Hazelnut Tart and Strawberry & Thyme Parfait – and a gluten-free one too. Classes are around two hours long at

2. Surge Coffee Roasters

If, like us, you’ve always wanted to create your own flower or heart on your latte, this Al Quoz class is for you. From barista art, also known as latte art, to how to extract espresso, steaming and pouring, this three-hour class will help you create takeaway-style coffee at home. It’s also private, which means the schedule is as per your availability. Dh495 will get you a certificate of completion plus one-week access to the coffee bar area for practise at

3. Blend with Samim

Be it cookies, cakes, cupcakes or custard, this private one-on-one class will help you whip up some fabulous, impressive desserts. During a simple session for beginners, an experienced chef will help you bake one dessert from a list that includes everything from pound cake to carrot or date cake, butter cookies, mango mousse and caramel custard. For an additional Dh50, you can learn frosting techniques too, at

4. Scafa

This training institute in JLT caters to both amateurs and professionals. Whether you want to know the fundamentals of pastry, cook up a three-course meal of traditional dishes from a specific country, or know how to gorgeously decorate a cake, it’s all here. Plus, you can opt for one class and brush up on the basics, or become an (almost) expert by completing the whole programme of eight classes of three-hours each. There’s also one for the little ones – young chefs get to learn a range of basic and advanced skills, plus etiquette and hygiene, all while having a lot of fun at

Cakes and cupcakes
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If you want to get a bit more serious about your cooking skills, this institute located in Knowledge Park, Dubai, holds a series of artisanal cooking classes over 3 to 4 days on the craft of artisanal production. There’s everything from an artisan bread programme, chocolate programme, gelato, pizza, sugarcraft and mixology programme, teaching you the skills and techniques involved. Classes combine theory classes and hands-on practical training, and provide some in-depth knowledge – for instance, the Artisan Bread class will teach you to bake over 15 varieties, from ciabatta to brioche and wholemeal seeded loaves, Danish pastry, cinnamon roll and fatayer. For more info visit

6. Mango Tree Thai Bistro

Looking for a way to bond with the kids while keeping them entertained, plus helping them learn a new skill? Look into these weekly cooking classes that are both for the little ones and mothers. Led by Head Chef Atip, you’ll learn about Thai ingredients, spices and recipes, along with cooking techniques behind some classics including chicken flat bread, phad thai spring rolls and papaya salad. Your mini-me will be given an apron and chef’s hat to use during the class, and post the class they’ll proudly carry away a personalised certificate. You can even ask for a private kids’ cooking class at

Kids cooking
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7. Solo at Raffles

The only journey we can take to Italy in the near future is the gastronomical one, and this Italian masterclass at Solo restaurant in Raffles Dubai tracks different regions and styles of Italian cooking to teach you everything from making pasta dough to balancing flavours and even honing knife skills. The menu includes dishes such as Bruschetta, Ravioli Di Spinaci (spinach ravioli), Linguini Ai Frutti Di Mare (seafood linguine) and Tortino Al Cioccolato (chocolate tart). It doesn’t end there – after all the toiling away, you get to celebrate your new skills by dining at the restaurant. A maximum of six people are allowed per class. Email

8. Wagamama

All about Asian flavours and ingredients, you get to learn about Japanese-inspired cooking practices, key elements of Japanese food, and even the principles associated with mindful eating. You’ll whip up everything from flavourful sauces to dishes such as firecracker chicken. That’s not all – you also get to dine post all the toil, with one dish and one beverage included in the cooking class package. Every Wednesday at Wagamama JBR.

9. Arabic rice dishes at Villa Cuisine

Middle Eastern rice dishes are often intimidating to even take a stab at, with their big generous portions and complex flavours. This cooking class will help you tackle that fear by breaking down the steps to everything from mandi to madhbi, ouzi to biryani. That’s not all, you’ll also learn how to cook up some delicious side dishes such as Arabic salad, daqous and spicy sauce – so you can serve up one show-stopping meal for your family. You can opt for either a private three-hour class or an online one, with one dish per class. Visit

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