Indian Consulate in Dubai issues guidelines on dos and don’ts for expats

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Staff work long and hard hours to ensure the smooth running of the consulate. Image Credit: Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: The Indian Consulate in Dubai has issued guidelines on dos and don’ts for the Indian expats, especially workers, in the UAE through the help centre Pravasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra (PBSK).

The guidelines listed by the consulate include steps to help stay safe in the UAE and prevent legal issues and frauds, especially those related to identity thefts. The need to report grievances, abuses and labour law violations to the appropriate authority has also been highlighted. Indian expat workers have also been urged to follow a healthy lifestyle and save money for future.

Tadu Mamu, consul, Press, Information and Culture, at the consulate, told Gulf News that the guidelines have been published on the PBSK app, the consulate’s website and in a newly-launched monthly digital magazine of the consulate titled ‘India Matters’. “These are guidelines meant to support any Indian worker coming to the UAE for employment and those who work here. They can avoid majority of the troubles they might come across if they follow these guidelines.”

Social media

She said the guidelines include the need for keeping updated about the local laws and important contacts. “They should keep themselves updated about local laws to be correct in their own conduct. We have also covered the aspects of social media to educate them. They should be mindful of local laws on social media aspects as things that they post might put them into trouble if they violate the local laws.”

Though the guidelines are generally applicable to the larger Indian expat community members, the diplomat said the mission was focusing more on spreading awareness about them among the workers in labour accommodations. “We want to disseminate these among the workers. So, we include these points in our labour awareness campaigns that we conduct on a monthly basis.”

The following are the dos and don’ts that have been specified under the guidelines.

The Dos

* Do know the laws of the UAE, especially the UAE Labour Law to be aware of rights and bounds.

* Do keep yourself updated with important contact numbers of police, fire, ambulance, hospitals, contact details of the Indian Embassy and the Consulate, Indian associations etc

* Do report any physical abuse, domestic violence to the police immediately.

* Do report any work related grievance in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) of the UAE within a year of work permit cancellation date. Beyond this period, MoHRE might not register the grievances as it would time-barred as per Article 6 of the UAE Labour Law.

* Do keep your medical records, latest passport and visa copies, updated work contract with the ministry and the company, financial records, company information, residence address handy and share the same with trustworthy family members so the same could be retrieved when required.

* Do use appropriate and legal remittance scheme while receiving or sending money. * Do start a pension scheme from the beginning of working life to have a sufficient corpus at the time of retirement. * Do know the details of the products and agents while investing money.

* Always be vigilant to prevent identity theft. Protection of SIM card, passport and Emirates ID card, email account and awareness about common frauds are essential to safeguard against identity theft.

* Do have appropriate life, medical insurance cover in the UAE and in India which include [coverage for] critical illnesses. * Do maintain appropriate lifestyle as per the job profile. Do exercise, yoga etc on a regular basis.

* Do keep a ‘will’ acceptable in the UAE courts.

The Don’ts

* Do not post your views on social media about religious matters which could hurt others. Do not violate practised traditions, conventions, or heritage in any form.

* Do not take pictures of restricted places. Do not take pictures/videos, or post pictures of individuals on social media without consent.

* Do not share OTP, passwords, ATM pin to anybody as bank or related entity would not ask for the same in any communication mode.

* Do not consume alcohol in public. Consumption of alcohol, is permissible in specified places with appropriate licence.

* Don’t run away or abscond from sponsor, rather report to MOHRE (80060) and the Indian Embassy/ Consulate.