Pakistan Army builds bridge for villagers in Sindh

pakistan army officers bridge indus river
Pakistan Army officers inspect the new pedestrian bridge near Indus River after its inauguration. Image Credit: Supplied

Karachi: Pakistan Army officers and personnel posted in the Pano Aqil Cantonment in Sindh have come to the rescue of residents of a village near Indus River by building a bridge that is vital for their daily commuting needs.

General Officer Commanding, Major General Ghulam Shabeer Narejo, inaugurated the pedestrian bridge for the dwellers of Mando Dero Village that is situated two kilometres from the Indus River.

The village residents had been without a bridge to go across the canal for the past 11 years. The earlier bridge was destroyed due to heavy floods in the province in 2010.

The residents had to travel several miles extra to cross the canal in the absence of a bridge.

The army officers and personnel contributed from their own salaries to build the new bridge, which is made of steel and capable of withstanding natural calamities.

The army built the new bridge as a gift for the villagers on the festive occasion of Eid Al Adha.

The residents of the village appreciated the help extended by the army personnel. They said the new bridge would also be helpful for those who stayed in nearby villages.