Why AURAK is a world-class university for engineering programmes

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From building race cars to spacecraft or designing new infrastructure that can connect villages, future engineers have countless opportunities. But in order to land that promising career in engineering, choosing the right university is imperative. Fortunately, UAE residents now have The School of Engineering at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK), providing the perfect starting point.

“The School of Engineering at AURAK is unique among leading universities in the UAE and the region in offering a wide spectrum of programmes, having a low student-to-faculty ratio, and the support we provide students in developing design and research projects,” says Prof. Stephen C. Wilhite, Provost of AURAK.

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Naturally, engineering covers a broad range of specialities, and so courses are tailored for the different requirements with various degrees on offer.

“We offer several bachelor degrees including computer engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, architecture, interior design, civil and infrastructure engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering,” explains Prof. Wilhite. “We also offer three graduate degrees including Master of Science in Engineering Project Management, Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Master of Science in Sustainable and Renewable Energy.”

As the world is constantly evolving and new careers arise that we may have never thought of in the past, AURAK ensures that the innovative programmes are future-ready.

“The School of Engineering offers several innovative and unique programmes, which cover contemporary issues and cutting-edge technologies such as sustainability, renewable energy and artificial intelligence.

“For example, the architecture and the civil and infrastructure engineering programmes have several courses on sustainability and how it relates to the built area and infrastructure. The AI programme offers several courses on machine learning, data science and other AI topics. Our mechanical engineering and electrical and electronics programmes cover renewable energy.”

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Thanks to the latest topics being taught, there shouldn’t be a shortage of job opportunities for graduates.

“Given the global and the UAE’s strategic emphasis on issues of sustainability, renewable energy and AI, we expect the global and national job market to offer a wide range of career opportunities in these fields,” adds Prof. Wilhite.

While the pedagogy of these innovative programmes will likely mean employers will want to recruit AURAK graduates, students will undoubtedly enjoy their time on campus. With its green surroundings and first-class facilities, AURAK provides a wonderful learning environment.

“We have state-of-the-art facilities including well-equipped laboratories and modern classrooms,” says Prof. Wilhite. “We also house an ICT-funded space lab, where students designed and built the first student-made mini satellite -MeZnSat – that was launched successfully in September 2020.”

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Indeed, there are many possibilities for the students of AURAK and studying abroad is one of them.

AURAK offers a variety of academic programmes that are tailored to meet international study abroad requirements and expectations. International Student Exchange AURAK has a partnership with more than 20 top global institutes, and all AURAK students can engage in student exchange programmes during their four years of education,” explains Prof. Wilhite.

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Not surprisingly, the university has received the prestigious 5-star rating by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) for its educational excellence.

“The award of a 5-star rating by Quacquarelli Symonds makes AURAK the third university in the UAE, and the only university in the northern emirates, to have achieved such a high rating. The QS rating system evaluates universities against specific criteria, and AURAK was honoured to receive five stars for teaching, internationalisation, academic development, campus facilities, and inclusiveness. This prestigious rating came after news that in 2020, AURAK was ranked by QS among the top 10 universities in the UAE and top 50 in the Arab Region.”

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What might not be expected from such a prestigious university is that it offers highly competitive tuition fees as AURAK is a non-profit institution. Scholarships are also offered to those who meet the criteria.

On average, undergraduate degrees cost about Dh45,000 a year, about half the price of other universities. AURAK also offers easy payment plans with up to four installment payments a semester. Additionally, AURAK offers 75 per cent, 40 per cent and 25 per cent competitive scholarships based on the students’ qualifications. “We are currently offering 20 per cent scholarships until graduation for both bachelor’s and master’s programmes to every student meeting the minimum criteria of admissions,” says Prof. Wilhite.

Although the fees and scholarships will be welcome news to anyone struggling with finances, it is also worth noting that living costs in the emirate are also favourable. Also, AURAK offers free transportation to Abu Dhabi on the weekend and free daily transportation to other emirates.

So if you want to study engineering, you don’t need to go far and once you graduate, you can guarantee that the sky’s the limit.

For more information, contact the Department of Admissions at Aurak.ac.ae

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