Gang jailed for stealing iPhones from Dubai shop

Dubai Court
The Dubai Court. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced a gang of three men who stole 86 iPhones worth Dh355,000 from a Dubai shop to six months in jail.

The three Cameroonian men broke into a shop at Dubai’s Naif area and stole the phones after damaging the door and surveillance cameras in May this year. Judges ordered the defendants to pay additionally a fine of Dh369,090.

The 43-year-old Indian shop owner testified that he received a call at 4am, saying that his shop was burgled. “They broke the locks and the door. They stole 86 iPhones of different models and Dh14,735 in cash, which was in a drawer,” the Indian victim said in official records.

Identification through surveillance cameras

Dubai Police identified the burglars through nearby surveillance cameras. Police then arrested the men who admitted to the robbery. The stolen phones were handed over to a fourth countryman who was identified and arrested.

The three defendants were charged with robbery and damaging property. The fourth defendant was charged with obtaining stolen valuables.

He was referred to Dubai Misdemeanor Court for a trial.