MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov launches sports nutrition products in the UAE

Russian MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov Image Credit: Supplied


Khabib has partnered with ENOC’s ZOOM stores, a leading home-grown convenience store operator in the UAE, for the distribution of protein bars and alkaline water brands all over the UAE.

The UAE has long been fascinated with beverages and foods that are safe and healthy for its multi-cultural population. At a time when there is a growing concern about the rising obesity epidemic, especially in developed nations, there is a need to promote healthier forms of foods such as low-carb, vegan, paleo dining, and other related alternatives. With this in mind, Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Khabib Nurmagomedov has established several plants to produce two premium healthy products namely Fitroo by Khabib and PH Top in the UAE. As an advocate of healthy diet, Khabib understands why healthy foods and beverages are critical for the global population.

Fitroo by Khabib is a premium protein bar product designed for a wide audience across all generations. The brand comes in various varieties with varying flavors, including banana, chocolate, cheesecake, and vanilla cookies. Evidently, Fitroo by Khabib has revolutionized the global sports nutrition market by offering protein bars that are not only essential for workouts but also help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for athletes. Due to its high protein and low sugar, the Fitroo by Khabib is appropriate for all people, including professionals working for blue-chip corporates in Dubai, tourists engaging in desert safari as well as athletes practicing their professional engagements in the UAE. Fitroo by Khabib guarantees athletes a healthy and balanced snack.

PH Top Alkaline Water_new
PH Top Alkaline Water Image Credit: Supplied

PH Top Alkaline Water is another premium product by Khabib designed for a health-conscious audience. The production of the PH Top is GMO-free as it does not include artificial flavorings or colorings agents. PH Top’s ingredient deck is simplified and easy to comprehend. The product’s production process is closely monitored through an in-house laboratory to ensure that all ingredients used are of the highest quality. The move is aimed at ensuring that the final product delivered to the market meets the quality requirements.

PH Top is famed for its superior hydration making it one of the most innovative products in the global bottled water market. The product’s cool taste is enticing, thus prompting consumers to yearn for more. To achieve such attributes, the production process must focus on quality, value, and purity. The product’s simplicity such as easily understandable ingredients is one of the attributes that the company is striving to sustain. Thus, customers can easily go through the ingredients listed and understand the product’s composition. PH Top assists athletes with recovery from work-outs as well as strengthens their immune system.

Khabib has partnered with ENOC’s ZOOM stores, a leading home-grown convenience store operator in the UAE, for the distribution of protein bars and alkaline water brands all over the UAE. The choice of ZOOM as the distribution partner is made for the company’s wide distribution network all over the UAE. Moreover, the company looks forward to entering the GCC market and beyond in the near future. This business endeavor by Khabib marks a new milestone in the thriving UAE sports industry as it presents nutritious on-the-go alternatives through its partnership with ZOOM. With this partnership, athletes in UAE and beyond will access healthier products that benefit their career growth.

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