Egypt, Cyprus sign power grids interconnection agreement

CAIRO: Egypt and Cyprus signed a memorandum of understanding to study the establishment of the electrical interconnection project between the two countries, which provides direct connection for the exchange of electricity between them.

The Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Mohamed Shaker said in a statement that the agreement is a necessary preparations for signing the final contracts for the electrical interconnection project between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece.

Shaker added that the final procedures are currently underway to review the studies of the electrical interconnection project with Cyprus and Greece, in preparation for the start of implementing the project with a capacity of 2,000 megawatts, and it may reach 3,000 megawatts, explaining that the link with Cyprus allows Egypt to link with all European countries after it is completed, connecting it with Crete and then Greece.

Egypt and Greece concluded a similar agreement last week, paving the way for an underwater cable to transport electricity generated from clean energy sources from North Africa to Europe, the first infrastructure of its kind in the Mediterranean region.