Sri Lankan MP kills protester, takes own life

TOKYO: The Japanese government on May 10 extended an Emergency Grant Aid of $10 million, in response to the food crisis in Yemen, and said this assistance was expected to be delivered to approximately 2.5 million people. 

In support of its move, the government noted that Yemen “has endured more than seven years of conflict and facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” including severe food shortages. 

The foreign ministry said the emergency grant aid will provide food assistance to Yemenis through the World Food Program (WFP), amid growing concerns that the humanitarian situation in Yemen could deteriorate further due to the impact of rising food prices caused by the situation in Ukraine. 

The aid is to be implemented as part of Japan’s efforts to respond to the urgent humanitarian needs as well as to support the truce agreement which was achieved by the mediation efforts of Hans Grundberg, Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for Yemen. 

“The government of Japan is calling on all parties to abide by the truce agreement, and will remain committed to continue making efforts, in cooperation with the United Nations and countries concerned, to realize peace and stability in Yemen,” the foreign ministry said. 

This story was originally published on Arab News Japan